By opening up a Corporate Account you get a much easier way to streamline your billing and track your transportation expenses. Fredericksburg Yellow Cab offers corporate accounts to businesses of all sizes and types, and the benefits of opening it up are numerous. You can count on exceptional service and a system that simplify cab orders and billings for the rides taken by your employees and guests.

Our corporate accounts are used by businesses from a diverse range of industries and different in size, from locally run businesses to large corporations. All our clients experience our great service and efficient cab orders and billings. A corporate account offers the easiest way to track your expenses.

If your business has a need for regular cab service for your clients, or you use cabs regularly to get back and forth to work then Fredericksburg Yellow cab is right choice for you. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to provide priority taxi service. Register now for a corporate account and eliminate the refund problem and cash transactions. For more information, please email yellowcaboffredericksburg@gmail.com or call our Customer Service office at 540-371-8294 for information.